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Empowering Engaged Muslim Americans

From protecting civil liberties to fixing our healthcare and strengthening the economy, we strive to help Muslim Americans be defined by what they stand for. Together we are helping to educate and mobilize our community to become a force for positive change and to build the next generation of civic leaders.

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Voices from the Community

What We Do

We educate and empower Muslim Americans through educational events, voter initiatives, and leadership development for the purpose of creating a community of knowledgeable, motivated, and impactful citizens. Our core programs focus on voter engagement, leadership development and data analysis. From registering voters to hosting town halls to educating voters on how to effectively engage elected officials on important policy issues, Emgage seeks to transform the Muslim American electorate into an active and impactful community.

  • Leadership Development

    Our youth program is developing the next generation of civic leaders by providing training and professional opportunities to serve in internships or as volunteers in government, on campaigns, or at nonprofits.

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  • Voter Education

    Using tools and technologies, we collect data and produce reports on voter trends that drive American Muslims to the polls. The data also gives us the ability to provide toolkits and webinars to educate the community at large.

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  • Voter Engagement

    It starts from the ground up! Gain all the resources to mobilize your community to host town halls, candidate forums, phonebanking events and countless other empowering events.

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The Impact

Emgage was my first experience dealing with professionals who actually cared about me and my involvement within the community

When I first started working with Emgage, I wasn't really one for networking. I mostly kept to myself and tried to navigate through school and the workplace alone. I thought Emgage would just be another place to volunteer for a while then move on from, but I got sucked into something much greater.

As it turned out, I got to know lifelong friends and mentors I could turn to whenever I needed. They taught me that we are much stronger when we are helping each other. That our differences and disagreements are truly minutiae when you're building relationships grounded in mutual respect. Since then I've felt respected as a member of a community working towards something good, an organization that doesn't let details cloud its vision. Emgage is not just another association that gets caught up with divisions, our community has enough of that.

This organization showed me that communicating with people, even if they initially seem like an adversary, is how you work towards real unity and achieving your goals.

Give to Emgage

Emgage is educating, engaging and empowering the American Muslim community. As we move forward in this critical work we need your support. Please donate now to help us build a better tomorrow.