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September 30, 2017





(Wayne County, MI, 09/30/17)-  On October 4, 2017 a coalition of grassroots organizations will hold a rally and march in protest of Muslim Ban 3.0. #NoMuslimBanEver, ACCESS Take on Hate, Emgage Michigan, Council on American Islamic Relations- MI (CAIR-MI), Michigan Muslim Community Council (MMCC), Women’s March Michigan, MuslimARC, and Asian & Pacific Islander Vote Michigan, MAS Youth Detroit are joining together to raise our voices and stand in protest against the Trump Administration’s anti-immigrant and xenophobic policies including the rescission of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) and the newest Muslim Ban announced on September 24, 2017.

WHAT: A Coalition of Grassroots Organizations to Hold Rally and Protest in Rejection of Trump’s anti-immigrant and xenophobic policies.

WHEN: October 4, 2017 at 6:00 pm

WHERE: Wayne State University, Undergraduate Library 5155 Gullen Mall, Detroit, MI 48202

MORE INFO: Facebook Event

October 4, 2017 is an important date for those involved in this fight against the continuation of discriminatory policies aimed at criminalizing and marginalizing Muslim and immigrant communities. October 4,  is the day before the deadline for all eligible DACA recipients to submit their renewal applications. It is also the day before the U.S. Supreme Court is set to decide whether to return the current Muslim Ban litigation to its October calendar.

Nour Soubani- Advocacy Specialist, Take on Hate

“No matter how many times this policy is repackaged, at its core it is and has always been xenophobic and racist. It impacts our communities in very real ways instilling fear and anxiety, and we will continue to speak up and fight against it.  “

Hassan Sheikh- Executive Director, Emgage Michigan

“Don’t be fooled as the primary intent of this latest order remains the same which is to prevent travelers from Muslim majority countries from coming to the United States. We must stand together and fight against Islamophobia, xenophobia, and the undermining of our constitutional rights.”

Phoebe Hopps- President, Women’s March Michigan

“Women’s March believes migration is a human right and that no human being is illegal. This Muslim Ban is cruel and unfair- not to mention unconstitutional. The Ban is in a violation of the Fifth Amendment guarantee of equal protection in that it treats a specific class of people (Muslims from the seven countries) differently than other noncitizens. The order also violates the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, as it gives preference to one religion over another.”

Amy Doukoure, Esq.- Staff Attorney CAIR-MI

“Our communities must come together, raise our voices, and fight against these clearly racist  Islamophobic and xenophobic policies that are aimed at breaking apart our families and our communities. We will stand and fight today, tomorrow, and every day after until we successfully beat back these Unconstitutional and illegal policies.”


For press inquiries please contact:

Hassan Sheikh (Emgage) (248) 825-1003

Nour Soubani (ACCESS Take on Hate) (248) 766-3027

Amy Doukoure (CAIR-MI) (586) 943-8823