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Statement on Quebec Mosque Shooting

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By: Jan 31, 2017

EmergeUSA stands with the Muslim community affected by the horrific mass shooting at the Cultural Islamic Center of Quebec which killed six people and injured eight.  We call upon the Administration, Congress, and elected officials to condemn this barbaric attack and recognize the danger of Islamophobia and the anti-Muslim environment that is created by misguided policies such as banning refugees and immigrants from Muslim-majority countries.  


The United States should serve as an example for the international community as a nation that does not tolerate bigotry, profiling, or anti-Muslim rhetoric.  As American Muslims, we denounce discrimination and hate crimes against any religious or ethnic group.

We demand all individuals who hold elected office, whether on local, state, or federal level, to stand for the Muslim community and against hate-filled, Islamophobic crimes that affect us all.

We urge all community members to join us as we take action against anti-Muslim violence by engaging with Congress and holding them accountable to serving their constituents fairly and equally.


Stop the Muslim Ban

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