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EmergeUSA Florida Announces Partnership with SEIU

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By: Amina Spahic Oct 25, 2016
EmergeUSA Florida Announces Partnership with SEIUflorida

EmergeUSA Florida Announces Partnership with SEIU!


EmergeUSA is proud to announce our partnership with the Service Employees International Union Florida chapter in our mutual GOTV efforts. EmergeUSA and SEIU Florida will work to find solutions on the issues that matter most to our communities and ensure voters  make it to the polls on November 8th.

Through this partnership, EmergeUSA and SEIU will promote the establishment of living-wage paying jobs, universal healthcare, economic justice, immigrant justice, environmental justice and racial justice.

 EmergeUSA and SEIU have been leading phone banks, door-knocking initiatives, as well as reaching out to our communities to ensure no one sits this election out. We are very excited to be collaborating and working together to empower our communities to vote and have their voices heard.

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