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EmergeUSA Announces Partnership with Revolutionary Love Project

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By: Amina Spahic Nov 1, 2016
Revolutionary Love Project Senior Strategist Imran Siddiqui:
EmergeUSA Executive Director Tamara Ayon:


The Revolutionary Love Project and EmergeUSA are partnering this election cycle to get out the Florida Muslim vote! 

Both organizations are encouraging all voters to bring love to the polls on Election Day.

In the final week to Election Day, these organizations have launched a campaign to make 10,000 calls to Muslim American households in the state of Florida. These calls will provide American Muslim voters with key polling information and offer support to get them to the polls. In an election season when communities of color have been vilified, shamed, and intimidated, the campaign aims to show solidarity with the American Muslim community -- and help protect the right to vote.

The Revolutionary Love Project is a non-partisan initiative based at the University of Southern California-ORL. Founded by lawyer and activist Valarie Kaur. the Project promotes love as a public ethic that drives courageous social and political action in American life. This fall, the Project has championed Revolutionary Love through 100+ dialogues and film screenings on campuses and in communities and on a national tour that has reached 20,000 Americans. 

EmergeUSA is a national civic engagement nonprofit with locations across key swing states in the US including Florida. The organization operates a non-stop campaign-style approach to engaging Muslim voters in the civic process and utilizes traditional campaign infrastructure, including the ability to manage virtual phone banks that can accommodate callers spread remotely across the country.

This partnership will pair Revolutionary Love Project’s base of 200+ ambassadors and 16 fellows nationwide with EmergeUSA's structural capabilities to run virtual phone banks across the country. Through this project, both teams will stand in solidarity with Muslim American voters in Florida, a state that will be closely watched in this election.

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