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  • By: walzayat@emerg… Jul 10, 2017

    Emaging at ISNA & APPNA

    Last week Emgage had the opportunity to attend the annual conferences of two great organizations: the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and the Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA). We enjoyed several days of culture, community engagement and voter education.


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    By: sahmed@emerge-… Jun 9, 2017

    Anti-Islam Hate Rallies Show Up Accross America

    This weekend, ACT for America, an anti-Muslim grassroots organization which the Southern Poverty Law Center has named a hate group, will be hosting marches "Against Sharia Law and for Human Rights" in cities across the country. ACT is supported by far-right and anti-government groups, many of whom will attend the rallies. This organized anti-Muslim movement has long sought to spread fear of Islam by arguing that Shariah law, or Islamic law, poses a threat to American laws–a complete legal falsehood.


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    By: sahmed@emerge-… Jun 4, 2017

    'Kill them. Kill them all': Congressman Higgins's hateful statement against Islam

    Congressman Higgins's hateful statement against Islam has no place in our public discourse and as an elected official, we expect Congressman Higgins to uphold the first amendment and our freedom of religion. We should address terrorist acts based on evidence, not single out an entire group of people based on their faith. The perpetrators of the tragic attacks in London and Manchester are not true followers of the Muslim faith, but instead are radicals whose actions we thoroughly condemn.

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    By: sahmed@emerge-… Apr 6, 2017

    Unanimous Senate Vote Condemning Hate

    We are excited to report that EmergeUSA and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) worked with Senator Kamala Harris to introduce Senate Resolution #118, which was passed unanimously today. The historic resolution is the first of its kind to condemn hate crimes and other forms of racism. 

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    By: sahmed@emerge-… Mar 8, 2017

    EmergeUSA Stands Firmly Against the Muslim Ban 2.0

    President Trump signed another Executive Order (EO) aimed at banning Muslims from entering the United States of America. His first Executive Order attempting to do so was met with our Constitutional system of checks and balances in the form of a judicial rebuke. While his new EO has been altered slightly in order to conform to court rulings, it is essentially the same in spirit as it is driven by Islamophobia. Muslim Ban 2.0 is aimed at preventing admission of nationals from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Here is what the Muslim Ban 2.0 entails:

  • By: virginia@emerg… Feb 17, 2017

    Urge US Senator Nelson to Support Sen. Cortez-Masto's Bill

    As you know, on January 25, 2017, President Trump issued an executive order that effectively declares open season on all undocumented immigrants, their families and communities.  Last Friday, as part of nationwide enforcement actions, ICE apprehended Daniel Ramirez Medina, a young Dreamer who has been living in the United States since he was seven years-old and was granted DACA. Since then he has been detained in Tacoma, Washington.  The January 25 Executive Order “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States” will create a massive deportation force that will terrorize families and children and make communities less safe. 

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    By: Feb 6, 2017

    EmergeUSA Welcomes New Executive Director, Wa'el Alzayat

    WASHINGTON, DC - EmergeUSA is proud to welcome its new Executive Director, Wa’el Alzayat, to lead the organization in its effort to engage, educate and empower Muslim American communities across the nation for the purpose of creating a community of equitable, knowledgeable and motivated citizens.

  • By: virginia@emerg… Feb 2, 2017

    Khurrum Wahid Speaks Out Against the Muslim Ban

    EmergeUSA's National Chairperson Khurrum Wahid, took a stand at a public hearing to ask Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez to reverse his decision to no longer enforce County Resolution 1008-13.

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    By: Jan 31, 2017

    Statement on Quebec Mosque Shooting

    EmergeUSA stands with the Muslim community affected by the horrific mass shooting at the Cultural Islamic Center of Quebec which killed six people and injured eight. We call upon the Administration, Congress, and elected officials to condemn this barbaric attack and recognize the danger of Islamophobia and the anti-Muslim environment that is created by misguided policies such as banning refugees and immigrants from Muslim-majority countries.


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