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New Emerge USA Florida Director

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By: Tamim Dec 31, 2015

Emerge USA is excited and honored to announce the hiring of our first Director for Florida operations, Ms. Ghazala Salam. 

An advocate for democracy, Ghazala Salam has dived in head first and heart strong in educating, engaging and mobilizing American Muslims in politics. She was born in India and migrated to the US with her family in the 70’s. Her bi-cultural background and focus on community collaboration has led her to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles.


Ghazala Salam speaks out on human rights, freedom and opportunity for women and girls in every sphere of life. In 2015, Ghazala was recognized as a meritorious woman for her dedication to improving the lives of Florida women and serving as positive role model for women and girls with the FCSW Florida Achievement Award.

She is the Chair of the Commission on the Status of Women in Broward. In that capacity she promotes human rights and elimination of all forms of discrimination against women. She is passionate about promoting diversity, mutual respect and understanding and serves on the Human Relations Advisory Board to Broward School Board. Her background in grassroots activism has led her to work with the League of Women Voters in Broward as Action Chair.

Ghazala is the founder and President of the American Muslim Democratic Caucus of Florida. She also serves as co-chair of Florida Muslim Capitol Day, a statewide initiative to empower Florida Muslim communities and youth, to connect and have a voice in Tallahassee where policies and laws are passed.

As the Chair of the Day of Dignity in South Florida, Ghazala works closely with the Palm Beach Homeless Coalition and over 40 organizations to provide health and human services to marginalized families and homeless individuals. Since 2011 the Day of Dignity in South Florida has served over 4000 people in need.

She has spent time examining religious, cultural and political factors that contribute to stereotyping of Muslims in America and around the world. Ghazala has made numerous presentations across Florida on the topics of social justice, Islam, and building inclusive communities. She speaks three languages and is an Alumna of Florida International University with an MSc.


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