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Khurrum Wahid Speaks Out Against the Muslim Ban

By: virginia@emerg… Feb 2, 2017

EmergeUSA's National Chairperson Khurrum Wahid, took a stand at a public hearing to ask Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez to reverse his decision to no longer enforce County Resolution 1008-13.

This resolution stated, in short, that the Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer on immigrants in Miami will be honored under specific circumstances. The policy that was promulgated as a result allowed Miami Dade Corrections to keep an inmate in custody after the completion of his sentence for a period of 48 hours. The County Attorney in July of 2013 advised the Mayor that the legal opinion of the County Attorney was the County compliance with the federal detainer "is voluntary and not mandated by federal law." The practical result was the County decided to no longer honor requests to indefinitely detain inmates on Federal immigration detainers past 48 hours.

On Wednesday January 25th, President Trump issued an executive order threatening to withhold Department of Homeland Security funds for municipalities that he considered "sanctuary" city or counties. While there is no definition of what that means, it generally has been used to refer to a municipality that does not assist the federal authorities in the enforcement of immigration laws. On Thursday, January 26th, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez conceded to this order. The order has not been made effective until the DHS has the opportunity to review it and create a policy.

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