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Become a Delegate in Florida

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By: Amina Spahic Mar 29, 2016




          As American Muslims this election cycle is one of the most significant  in our nation's history. Islamophobic rhetoric is drawing our airways and manipulating campaign’s. It is imperative that we engage each candidate running for President  to ensure that our community is represented fairly and HONESTLY. To assist each campaign in building a platform that respects the values and needs of our community Emerge USA would like to encourage you to register to be a delegate to the National Convention. Through participation in the political process we can begin to change the direction of the dialogue from what is being said about us to who we actually are. Below you will find information on ways that you can run as a District level delegate to the Democratic and Republican National Convention.


Do you want to run as a district level delegate to the National Democratic/ Republican Convention?

     To Run as a District Level Delegate for the Democratic Party you will need to be a registered Democrat and run against other delegates  in the Congressional District you vote in. If you are not sure which district you are in look at your voter registration card or contact  your county supervisor of elections to locate your Congressional district number. Each Congressional District will be given only 6 to 8 delegates. You will be competing for this position with other democrats in your congressional district. You will need to pledge your support to one of the Democratic Nominees for President, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders on your application form. You will find your a delegate filing form from the Florida Democratic Party website ( Candidates must file by by 5:00 pm, April 7th to be eligible to run.

Get  ready for your election (caucus) on May 7th. Contact everyone that you know is a registered Democrat in your congressional district and ask them to come vote for you. The caucus is a Democratic Party run election from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Voters show up, sign-in,  declare  which  presidential  candidate  they support, and  receive a  ballot of  candidates for  District-Level  delegate and vote.  The Florida Democratic Party will tell you where your election is taking place. You can campaign before and during the elections. Bring signs, pass out information and speak to voters. Prepare a campaign speech to explain why you think you should represent your congressional district at the National Convention and why your choice of Presidential Nominee matters. At the conclusion of the caucus ( election),  the  votes  will  be  tallied and the District-Level  delegates for  your  CD  will  be announced. The CD Chair will notify the State Party about the election results and  the Party  will  certify the delegates to the Democratic National Committee.


 Florida’s delegation will join the others from  across  the nation and around the world    to    be a part  of history at  the 47th quadrennial Democratic  National  Convention  July  25-28 in Philadelphia.

To Run as a District Level Delegate for the Republican party  you will need to fill out a Republican National Convention Delegate Qualifying Form. Go to, for more information. The Delegate Qualifying Form is available upon request from, and must be filed with, the Republican Party of Florida. No later than one week after the presidential preference primary, each Republican presidential candidate whose name appeared on the ballot may submit a list of proposed delegates and alternate delegates from among that candidate’s supporters to be considered as candidates for election. These proposed delegates and alternate delegates must also file the Delegate Qualifying Form to be considered for election.

 When will delegates be elected?

Delegates and alternate delegates will be elected at duly-called meetings of the Republican Party of Florida’s Executive Board and its Congressional District Caucuses held between March 22 (one week after the presidential preference primary) and June 3, 2016 (45 days before the Republican National Convention). All meetings to consider the election of delegates and alternate delegates must be called by the Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida and are subject to applicable notice requirements under the Rules and Constitution of the Republican Party of Florida.The specific dates for each Congressional District Caucus and Republican Party of Florida Executive Board meeting at which delegates and alternate delegates will be elected will be published on the website of the Republican Party of Florida as they are scheduled.

What map will be used?

The current RPOF Congressional District Caucuses were organized under Congressional District map (H000C9057), which was adopted by the Florida Legislature in August 2014. Here is a link to a page with the statewide map and several maps of specific regions:

Although the Florida Supreme Court adopted a new map to be used for the 2016 general election and thereafter, Florida's delegates to the RNC are elected from the current districts. The map referenced above is the one that potential delegates should refer to in determining the congressional district caucus in which they are eligible to run.


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