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HB527: Florida Legislators Attacking the Constitution

Florida House Bill 527 is on the House floor tomorrow. 


HB527 intends to use public funds to attack companies who choose to exercise their free speech.


Florida taxpayers are footing the bill.

 HB527 calls for a board to determine who may be participating in their constitutionally protected right to boycott and place them on a Florida sanctioned "Blacklist" that will exclude them from doing business with municipalities and the State.

Is this the right way to promote business and free market enterprise in Florida?

Who is on this mysterious "Board," how are they selected and how is this "Board" governed?

Inconspicuously, THEY DON'T SAY.

Since when does the First Amendment exclude businesses that are exercising their constitutional rights?

  • Florida tax payers should not be funding legislators who attack constitutionally protected rights. 
  • Foreign policy is strictly the province of the Federal government.
  • The State of Florida has no legitimate interest nor any actual constitutional authority to create a list and ban companies from domestic contracts based upon lack of associating with a foreign government. 
  • Having a 'blacklist' funded by your tax dollars is un-American and abuses free market economics 

This bill will be on the floor TOMORROW. 


Contact your legislator TODAY. 

 "I will not be afraid of a government and elected officials that are trying to use fear and economic intimidation to scare me in Tallahassee." 


Make them listen: 

Tweet: I don't want my tax dollars funding unconstitutional legislation. Stop Florida House Bill 527. #FlLeg #EmergeUSA @RitchWorkman @emergeusa 

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