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Fracking in Florida

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By: Amina Spahic Feb 24, 2016

Tweet: Save our environment. Don't support #fracking in Florida. Stop SB318 @SenatorAltman @JackLatvala @SenReneGarcia @DSimmonsFL @emergeusa



Fracking in Florida? Not on our watch. 

Florida Senate Bill 318could allow fracking and take away control from local governments if they want to ban fracking. 


Fracking in Florida
What is fracking?  

Fracking is the hydraulic fracturing of shale rock in order to recover gas and oil from it.

The process of involves drilling down into the earth to put in high pressure water mixture directed at the rock to release the gas inside. Water, sand and chemicals are injected into rock .at high pressures allowing gas to flow out of the well

National Geographic Video on the Fracking Process

Why should you care? 

Fracking is a fairly new way of retrieving gas and oil. There are not conclusive studies done to show that fracking is safe long-term. With acid being injected into rocks, how safe is our drinking water?
Fracking in Florida

"I believe in protecting our way of life and putting America’s families first. Fracking puts people and the water that sustains us at risk. That’s why I am asking my fellow Republicans in the Florida State Senate to say no to fracking in the Sunshine State."

-Senator Anitere Flories (R)
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Additionally, 81 of Florida's local governments have come out against fracking and are being ignored by the Florida House of Representatives. The vote of a few Florida Senators is the final hurdle for this controversial bill.

"Environmentalists and some local officials have sharply criticized the measure, saying that it would fail to regulate matrix acidizing, the technology most likely to be used in Florida, and that it would stop local governments from banning fracking. The bill also would revoke any local bans." -New York Times

The Senate Appropriations Committee will vote on SB 318 on Thursday.

Take part in a campaign to stop this bill and call these Senators. 

“For Senator ____ to vote for SB 318 would be for him to disregard the wishes of 81 of Florida’s local governments, and the findings of hundreds of peer-reviewed studies that show that fracking cannot be done safely. The legitimacy of democracy depends on the consent of the governed, and I do not consent to the passage of SB 318. Thank you.”

Senators to call:

Senator Tom Lee:  866.583.2908

Senator Jack Latvala:  888.498.2945

Senator Thad Altman:  877.796.1948

Senator Rene Garcia:  888.793.4597

Senator David Simmons:  877.434.0011



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