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EmergeUSA Fights Against Immigration Executive Order Banning Muslims

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By: Jan 25, 2017

EmergeUSA strongly opposes the Executive Order (EO) by the Trump Administration targeting the most vulnerable of people, specifically those entering from Muslim majority countries.





Khurrum Wahid
Baura Zia

EmergeUSA strongly opposes the Executive Order (EO) by the Trump Administration targeting the most vulnerable of people, specifically those entering from Muslim majority countries .  The EOs will end the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program for this year, indefinitely end migration of all Syrians to the U.S., and discriminate against refugees and visa holders who are Muslim, without any valid national security reasons or a change in our intelligence community’s assessment.  The measures will also seek to build a wall with Mexico and punish U.S. cities and localities if they do not vigorously partake in the mass incarceration and deportation of undocumented immigrants.  


Among the many troubling provisions of these orders are:

  • Suspension of all refugee resettlement for 120 days and ending Syrian refugee and visa issuance indefinitely.

  • Capping refugee admissions for FY17 at 50,000—down from the current cap of 110,000.  This would effectively end the refugee program since the United States has already admitted 30,000 refugees in FY17 and another 20,000 have cleared their security checks and are awaiting departure.

  • Suspend visa issuance to countries where “adequate screening” cannot occur.  Some of the countries that are reported to be on the list includes Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, and Yemen.

  • End catch-and-release and mandate the detention at the border of families, including children.

  • Allow border patrols to turn asylum seekers back at the border without offering protection, including those who may be facing death in Central America.  

As Americans we expect our government to ensure our protection. Past experience informs us these all-encompassing and discriminatory measures will not make us any safer. The EO effectively discriminates against people based on religion, ethnicity, and national origin and ignores the fact that the U.S. already has in place the most stringent vetting procedures for immigrants and refugees from Muslim majority countries.

These measures violate American values and who we are as people.  The EO ban on travelers from Muslim-majority and Middle Eastern nations, as well as the EO to build a wall on America's border with Mexico, is the first step in an agenda that criminalizes faith, nationality, and people of color.  This EO is the first in a series of attacks we anticipate against the freedom of minority groups to exist, by limiting the people who we allow into our country based on their nation of origin and/or their faith.

EmergeUSA stands ready to work with the administration and Congress toward positive measures that will enhance security while protecting our American values. Conversely we will oppose anti-Muslim rhetoric and actions. Our goal is to continue to work with the Muslim American community to empower them to take action in support of policies that make us a better nation. Over the next 100 days and beyond, EmergeUSA is committed to meeting with every member of Congress to discuss issues that are affecting the Muslim American community through our program, District Days: 100 Days of Muslim Advocacy. District Days is a program designed to equip Muslim Americans to meet with their elected representatives to discuss legislation or policies that encourage bigotry, profiling, and bullying. EmergeUSA invites Muslims and non-Muslims alike to take part in the program to drive the change that will permanently bring a stop to anti-Muslim sentiments that are fueling hateful actions all across the nation.


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Stop the Muslim Ban

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