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By: mansoor.nabila… Oct 3, 2016


Are you committed to early voting? Find out all you need to know here!

WHEN: Early voting runs October 24th through November 4th all across Texas. Times vary depending on where you go.

WHERE: Vote at ANY polling location in your county.

Find the location nearest you and make a plan to early vote. Just take a look at the Early Vote posters below OR:
To find a Harris County early voting location, click here, or find a location on the map here. 

To find a Fort Bend early voting location, click here, or find a location on the map here.

PRO TIP:  Look up "Where can I vote" in your Google search engine and it will provide you with your nearest vote center, your sample ballot and ID requirements to vote.You can early vote at any location in your county. Early voting is easy and allows you to avoid the lines on Election Day.

HOW: Bring your ID to polling location and VOTE. You can bring your TX driver license, TX personal ID card, US passport, US military ID or TX handgun license

MAKE A PLAN TO VOTE EARLY: Just take a look at the Harris County and Fort Bend County Early Vote posters below. These posters are posted in Masjids and Muslim businesses all around Houston. This is the only resource made especially for our Muslim community to make it easier for you to vote.

SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Share our Early Vote TX 2016 Facebook page to share with others and encourage them to vote.

Voter's Guides Fort Bend and Harris County
(To help you find out more about the candidates running in this year's election)

Harris County: League of Women's Voters Voter's Guide
Fort Bend: Fort Bend Voter's League Voter's Guide

 Questions? Contact OR 713.320.1900



Make a plan to vote early.
1. Find a polling location
2. Check the timings of location
3. Bring ID
Post Your "I Voted" Sticker Here!

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