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Dr. Mohsin Jaffer at #SOTU

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By: Amina Spahic Feb 17, 2016



Emerge USA Board Member, Dr. Mohsin Jaffer, was guest of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz at the State of the Union last Tuesday. Emerge USA caught up with Dr. Jaffer later in the week to ask him about his thoughts on the political process and the importance of staying involved.

Read his message below. 

Can you give a message to American Muslims and their neighbors regarding roles in the political process?

“I strongly feel that each one of us is an ambassador and we have to make an outreach with people we work with and the community we live in. We have to participate in all spheres of activity including helping charities and most importantly, take part in local local government, local politics, and to help our fellow Americans who still need to realize that Muslims are good human beings. Muslims cannot stay isolated and secluded from the rest of their community. Fear and non-familiarity breed more fear and hatred down the road.”

Do you have anything to say to those Muslims citizens who don’t see the importance of being involved or don’t have careers in public service?

“Even if you’re a doctor, get involved in your hospital, get involved in your medical society, get involved in your specialty group. It’s important to add on to your identity. Even if you are not interested in politics, which most people aren’t, at least you can get involved in the community or local charities.”

What would you say are the biggest roles for our organization in our service for the community?

“I think it’s important for Emerge USA to make sure Muslim citizens are registered as voters and to educate them so they have political sense. We need to stay informed and we must be aware if there are bad ideas or sentiments being spread.”


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