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CALL TO ACTION: Call State Affairs Committee to Stop SB86/ HB527

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By: Tamim Feb 25, 2016


Your Emerge USA Florida team has been busy  at the State Capitol  this past week lobbying against SB86, an economic intimidation bill that seeks to create negative consequences for the expression of our constitutional right to free speech and disproportionately targets minorities; specifically the MASA (Muslim, Arab-American & South Asian) and Cuban communities.

If passed, it will create an inappropriate use of public funds to invest in and attack companies who choose to exercise their American right to free speech, as provided in the constitution, and forces our Florida taxpayers to foot the bill.The Senate Bill was  was strategically sponsored by incoming Senate President Joe Negron and is on a fast track to passing its final reading on the floor!

THERE IS STILL HOPE. In order for a bill to become law it must pass the House and the Senate. SB86’s companion bill, HB 0527, still has to go through the State Affairs Committee before it reaches a final vote in the next few days.

Reach out to your friends, family and neighbors and ask them to  contact the legislators below and let them know your RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH IS NOT FOR SALE!


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