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Statement on Boynton Beach Mosque

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By: Amina Spahic Nov 3, 2016


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Boca Raton, FL. --- EmergeUSA strongly condemns the hate crime that took place yesterday morning at the Al Amin Islamic Center in Boynton Beach, FL. Based on the anti-Muslim messages spray painted on the mosque entrance, it is clear this act of vandalism was done out of hatred toward the American Muslim community during this time of heated rhetoric.
“We must stand vigilant against the continual attacks against faith-based communities across the country during this election cycle,” said Tamara Ayon, EmergeUSA Florida Director. “Yesterday, a black church in the Mississippi Delta was burned and vandalized with pro-Trump graffiti in what law enforcement is now calling an attempt at voter intimidation. That community church is known for working on civil rights issues. Now, we’re hearing of this attack which is just one out of the many mosques who’ve experienced similar hate crimes. Hate crimes targeted at faith-based groups must be stopped.”
EmergeUSA continues to work with the local community in providing support where needed in during this difficult time and applauds the authorities on investigating this matter as a hate crime.

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