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Ben Carson is Misinformed

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By: Tamim Sep 23, 2015

Candidate Ben Carson recently clarified - and doubled down - on this statements about Muslims by stating that Islam is "incompatible" with the Constitution and thus, Muslims are not fit to be President. 

This is rooted in a lie that Islamophobes have been telling for years- that "sharia law is coming" and that a Muslim cannot also be an American. 

Candidate Ben Carson is misinformed. Emerge USA seeks to engage with the Carson campaign to address his comments and rhetoric, which is only promoting the more hateful elements of America. 

Emerge USA seeks to engage, educate and empower Muslim, Arab American and South Asian (MASA) communities through civic education, voter initiatives, and leadership development to create a community of equitable, knowledgeable, and motivated citizens. We uphold the principles of democracy and believe that a pluralistic America is a better America. 


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