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Who We Are

We understand the importance of bridging the gap between elected officials and their constituents. We strive to build the political awareness and capacity of Muslim Americans to engage on key policy issues that affect all of us as Americans, but especially as Muslims. Are you concerned by the Muslim Ban? Do you feel that our elected officials are not always well informed about our community? Bringing the change we need requires proactive and consistent civic participation. Engagement requires an understanding of the political process, how to engage with elected officials, and how to form partnerships with other constituencies in support of common policy positions.

Emgage is a 501c(3) that implements an ecosystem of programs to develop the capacity of the Muslim voter to ensure that our narrative is part of the American fabric. Our programs include civic educational events such as issue forums and town halls, voter initiatives including Get Out The Vote (GOTV), and specific programs for the youth in order to mentor and support the next generation of leaders.


Emgage seeks to educate, engage and empower American Muslim communities through educational events, voter initiatives, and leadership development for the purpose of creating a community of equitable, knowledgeable, and motivated citizens.

Your Team

Our team consists of professionals and experts with a broad range of experiences and backgrounds with a deep passion and commitment for civic engagement and empowering Muslim Americans to reach their full potential as active citizens.

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  • Wael Alzayat, National CEO
  • Sumaiya Ahmed, Public Relations Director
  • Aysha Ahmed, Deputy Communications and Outreach Director
  • Umarah Zakaria, Texas,Executive Director
  • Tamara Ayon, Florida,Executive Director
  • Hassan Sheikh, Michigan,Executive Director
  • Saif Hamideh, Legislative and Policy Director
  • vetnah
    Vetnah Monessar, Florida,Regional Director
  • Wasi Mohammed, Pennsylvania,Regional Director
  • Arqum
    Arqum Rashid, Delaware,Executive Director

Our Partners

Your Experts

Our visionary and dedicated board includes civil rights lawyers, doctors, businessmen, public servants, and nonprofit pioneers who are dedicated to our mission and positioning Emgage as the main civic organization for the Muslim American community.

  • aj
    AJ Duranni, Co-Chairperson
  • Khurrum Wahid, Co-Chairperson
  • Farooq Mitha
    Farooq Mitha, Virginia, Board Member
  • Nidal Hozein, New Jersey, Board Member
  • Fayrouz Saad
    Fayrouz Saad, Michigan, Board Member
  • Mohammad Aziz
    Mohammad Aziz, Pennsylvania, Board Member
  • Iltefat Hamzavi
    Iltefat Hamzavi, Michigan, Board Member
  • Jamiah Adams, Virginia, Board Member
  • Suhail Nanji, Florida, Board Member
  • Shereef Elnahal, Virginia, Board Member
  • Wasif Qureshi, Pennsylvania, Board Member
  • Amin Mitha, Florida, Board Member